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But our friends from Medtronic are attending. To learn more about the ScotCap projects we are doing together, give them a visit or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive and fully managed capsule endoscopy service, from referral to reporting, optimizing the gastrointestinal diagnostic capacity of hospitals and clinics. With a focus on efficiency and collaboration with healthcare systems, we ensure seamless data flow through various channels for streamlined service delivery.

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Video Capsule Endoscopy Prescription

As part of our service, we provide patients with medication and detailed guidelines for their preparation before undergoing the procedure, ensuring they are well-prepared and comfortable.

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Video Capsule Endoscopy Consultation

We conduct thorough assessments to determine the suitability of patients for the procedure, considering their medical history and medications. Through a series of screening processes, we filter out patients who may have exclusion criteria, ensuring optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction.

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Video Capsule Endoscopy Procedure Delivery

With expertise and support from our trained staff, we perform the procedure in a clinic setting, providing individualized attention and support to each patient. We ensure patients are well-prepared and comfortable, guaranteeing a safe and successful procedure.

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Video Capsule Ensocopy Pre-reading Analysis

Utilizing our extensive experience and training in VCE analysis, we conduct a comprehensive preliminary analysis of the video, identifying relevant pathology and documenting key procedure aspects. Expert doctors then validate this analysis, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

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Video Capsule Endoscopy Reporting

We provide a detailed and easily accessible report that encompasses all relevant findings, bowel prep classification, transit times, image documentation, and other essential information. We can seamlessly integrate our reports with existing healthcare systems, facilitating efficient data exchange.

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Video Capsule Endoscopy Telemedicine Solutions

As pioneers in telehealth for GI diagnostics, we offer cutting-edge solutions such as the CHI IntelliGI Smartbox. By leveraging advanced technologies like 5G, we enable remote patient communication and data transfer, independent of fixed infrastructure, providing convenience and reliability.

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Video Capsule Endoscopy Guidance

Through continuous clinical training and meticulous recruitment, we ensure a skilled and knowledgeable team capable of delivering high-quality services. We follow standardized operating procedures and checklists to maintain consistency and adapt to new guidelines, allowing for patient-centered care tailored to individual needs.

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