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Our Team

CorporateHealth International is a start-up company on a mission to make gastrointestinal diagnostics accessible for everyone. From our main UK office in Inverness we collaborate with others to help “scale up” internationally by pairing innovative technology with human services.

Management Team

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Dr. Cornelius Glismann

Dr. Cornelius Glismann manages as the CEO all operations, HR, financial, and legal matters of CorporateHealth. Together with Hagen Wenzek he founded CorporateHealth International after successfully establishing a prevention services company in Germany (under the banner of sister company CorporateHealth – Die Gesundheits-GmbH).

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Dr. Hagen Wenzek

Dr. Hagen Wenzek as the Chief Innovation Officer looks after technology, strategy, and investor relations. Having spent many years at large companies together with Cornelius Glismann he founded CorporateHealth International to bring more innovation in healthcare to the market.

Regional Team

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Jane Holt

Jane Holt heads services for CorporateHealth in Denmark. Located in Forskerparken in Odense, she works on all the aspects of providing our services to patients and customers and develops projects with OUH,, and others.

Jane has been with CorporateHealth since day one and is the rock in the stormy waters of capsule endoscopy service innovation.

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Dr. Mary Miller

Dr. Mary Miller heads services for CorporateHealth in the UK. Located at Solesta House in Inverness, she makes sure our services are aligned with patients’ needs and clinical requirements.

She returned to Inverness after 20 years in the US where she was not only a Nurse Leader, but also received her Doctorate of Nursing Practice from Chamberlain University, IL.

Medical Advisory Team

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Dr. med. Eberhard Barth

Dr. med. Eberhard Barth is the chief medical advisor at CorporateHealth. In his gasteroentological practice in Hamburg he has successfully treated thousands of patients with traditional methods. After extending his expertise to colon capsule endoscopy and achieving good results he joined the CorporateHealth advisory team, co-hosting the German diagnostic center for remote video capsule endoscopies.

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Dr. med. Ursula Valentiner

Dr. med. Ursula Valentiner has been a researcher for over 20 years at the renowned University clinic of Hamburg-Eppendorf focused on the human anatomy. Since 2012 she is also practicing as a medical doctor, adding practical experience with patients to her scientific resume. In CorporateHealth’s evaluation team, she is able to apply her vast knowledge towards more innovative patient services.

Technical Advisory Board Members

Brian Philip

United Kingdom

Evren Gursoy

United Kingdom

Jerome Sadler

United Kingdom

Kalidass Mookkaiah

United Kingdom

Lewis Treacy

United Kingdom

Martin Wicks

United Kingdom

Robert McGrath

United Kingdom

Kevin Muir

United Kingdom