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Capsule endoscopy:
Visualizing your small bowel and/or colon with an ingestible video camera

  • We help you prepare
  • We help you with the procedure
  • We get the results to your doctor

For a video capsule investigation you need to closely follow a few simple steps to achieve the best results. Look at an example how a typical colon procedure is conducted and what you need to observe to make it successful

Our Service for


Capsule endoscopy: 
Minimally-invasive video capsule-based investigation of the lower GI tract

  • We manage a patient
  • We conduct an investigation
  • We analyze and report the videos

Our infrastructure covers simple video up and report download, a fully managed service, or a fully customized solution. See here for an example of an easy process to let us analyze the capsule videos that were captured in your clinic

One example of a capsule endoscopy procedure

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