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Reliable Video Capsule
Endoscopy Services

We provide a highly accurate, safe, and secure service to diagnose the small and large bowel with Video Capsule Endoscopy (VCE). This can be a fully managed service including patient management or just evaluating a capsule video transmitted securely to us.

Our Offerings

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End-to-End VCE Service

Each aspect of patient information and preparation, of procedure delivery and video analysis to report creation can be provided in one service level agreement. Without any upfront investment this provides near instant diagnostic capacity to a stretched health provider.

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Standard VCE Reading

At the core of our offering is our expert team of nurses and doctors that delivers the best possible evaluation of any capsule video within 3-5 working days – or even faster when required.

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Customized Offering

Together with our partners we can create a solution that is fully customized to your requirements: Design-build-operate a ‘Capsule Center of Excellence’? Set up autonomous, self-administered delivery? Combine standard offering elements with existing platforms? We are nimble and flexible to make it work.

In a few steps to an analyzed SB video

  • Buy batch of unique one-use product codes for SB readings
  • Run standard video capsule procedure
  • Save as “de-identified video” to folder with name of one-use product code
  • Enter one-use product code, patient age, and chose instructions at
  • Upload folder to CorporateHealth server via secured Microsoft Azure
  • Receive results in max 3 working days
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What differentiates us

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Hands-on patient care by certified, local nurses

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Detailed pre-reading by certified, remotely located GI nurses

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Medical evaluation by trained doctors with all certifications

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Seamless clinical process integration

Secure your resources

Contact us to receive a test-reading – or to discuss comprehensive remote video capsule endoscopy services